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First Day School meets weekly during the school year in the “little building” from 10:00 until 10:45, when we join Meeting for Worship. Children from the age of 3 through high school are welcome, and there is childcare for those who are younger. Lessons are planned for each week that include games,crafts, discussions, or service projects with the goal of creating community amongst young Friends and making First Day School fun.


The program aims to provide each participant with a safe, open environment in which to explore their beliefs and to develop and nurture a spiritual life. The curriculum acquaints participants with the Bible and Quaker Testimonies in an age-appropriate manner.

Children's Education 

First Day School 

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Moveable Meetings For Worship 

Moveable Meetings For Worship are for Friends who are unable to attend Meetings for Worship. 

What is it:

MMFW is for not only the elderly but for those who are temporarily housebound. MMFW takes place in the home of the Friend requesting this service at the time that is convenience to the person who is to be visited. 


How it works:

The Worship and Ministry Committee is responsible to find a person to coordinate the visits.  The coordinator will assemble a small group of people willing to attend MMFWs. Once the time is arranged, the coordinator will contact the will people to assemble the group for a specific visit.  Approximately 3-6 visitors is ideal.  MMFW lasts about 45 minutes per visit. The frequency of visits is totally up the person receiving the services and those visiting.


How to request MMFW services:

Recipients of MMFW can directly contact a member of Worship and Ministry or they can be referred by another.  A member of Worship and Ministry will follow up with the identified individual.  Worship and Ministry is looking for coordinator volunteers as well as a volunteer pool of individual who are willing to visit. 


Currently, one member of SFM using MMFW services has expressed deep appreciation for the opportunity to worship at home with Friends.   Those visiting also have stated that this experience has greatly impacted their spiritual journeys.

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