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Committee Discripions

Auditing - The Committee has direct responsibility for monthly meeting operations and

programs. It oversees the functions of the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. It insures that

standard book keeping practices are maintained and that monies are expended according to the approved Annual Budget. The Committee also monitors our investments in the Friends Fiduciary and our insurance policies.


Budget – The Committee is responsible for preparing an annual budget for the Meeting which is presented for approval at the annual Corporation Meeting for Business.


Oversight and Counsel – The Committee assumes leadership in maintaining a caring

community, helping all members find their right roles as nurturers of others. Pastoral care and counseling are a special responsibility of the members of this Committee. The Committee annually reaches out to members who do not regularly attend Meeting, communicates with Friends who turn 21 to ascertain their interest in adult membership and is responsible for conducting memorial services held under the care of the Meeting.


Financial Resources – The Committee oversees and encourages the responsibility for members’ annual giving to Monthly Meeting and carries out our Long Range Financial Development



Graveyard – The Committee oversees the care, maintenance and operation of the graveyard. The Clerk is responsible for arranging for grave openings and the placement of gravestones.


House and Grounds and Building Use – The Committee is charges with the care and

maintenance of our building and our property. It presents annually to Monthly Meeting a

proposed budget for capital expenses. The Clerk of the Committee has primary oversight of our caretakers and maintains a schedule of building uses.


Religious Education – The Committee is responsible for the children’s First Day program. In

coordination with the Program Coordinator, it develops an annual curriculum and seeks teaches for the various classes.


Post-Meeting Greeter – At the rise of Meeting, the Greeter welcomes guests and asks for joys and concerns that those present may want to share.


Buckingham Friends School – A member of Meeting serves as our representatives on the

Buckingham Friends School Committee.


 Hospitality – This Committee is responsible for organizing social gatherings involving the serving of food. In addition to annual events such as Family Day and Christmas, the Committee organizes our monthly social hour. In the event of the death of a member, the Committee may be asked to provide refreshments following a memorial service.


Human Relations and Outreach – The charge of this Committee is to be concerned with the

welfare of people outside of our meeting and to provide opportunities for others to learn about the Religious Society of Friends.


Worship and Ministry – The Committee should be open to participation of members of all ages who are concerned for the spiritual life of the Meeting. It should include Friends in close fellowship with frequent speakers in meeting, ready when needed to help keep sensitive to divine promptings. It should also include some Friends who are looked to as helpful counselors, to whom persons go for understanding and loving guidance. The vocations of ministry and of ncounseling are interwoven.


Mary Blackmar Fund – The Committee is responsible for monitoring these funds for distributing them as educational loans to Friends attending Quaker schools.


Nominating Committee – The Committee meets annually to develop committee assignments for all Meeting committees. These recommendations are presented for Meeting approval at the annual Corporate Meeting for Business.

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